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lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

Follow up in the new year

We are at the beginning of a new year and it marks a time in our lives, where we spent a part of our time planning what we want in the next twelve months, but those plans we set for ourselves need of a fundamental ingredient for success, the monitoring.

It's easy to start any plan, but the follow-up to check if there has been succeeded and take action on the track to keep the changes or new habits, is where people are separated from those who succeed that are poorly heap.

Remember the popular adage "Some people will always be part of the heap because never finish what they start"

Many plans are lost in the pressure and daily routine that impede the activities are implemented and the changes become permanent and that make old habits come again.

It is very common to listen:

- I have no time
- There are more important things to do..
- I forgot
- I'm going to start next month …. The next year

How can we achieve the future we want if we do not spent the extra time and effort required?.

There are always things to do but if we do not persist and take the time to give the follow up to the activities that we have proposed, the forces around us are the ones who decide what we achieve in our lives.

It's easy to start something new, but keep it and make it permanent requires a lot of discipline.

To accomplish a goal or a change is necessary to implement continuous monitoring, for it we must have a system and stick to it with discipline. This monitoring involves a strong will and conviction that what we have defined is really important, without that compromise is more likely to abandon any effort.

Let's review what we have started and we have not given an end, and think about all the wasted time and resources that it represents, it is often more difficult to return to retry after we left that time and the routine stop our steps towards what we had set.

Monitoring and periodic review of our objectives should always be aligned in the right direction and prevent stagnation that inevitably will lead us to mediocrity and the delay.

Finally remember that the results we get will be directly proportional to our actions.

A great year for all my friends and my wishes that we always give follow up our plans and objectives.

César Díaz