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miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

2011 Goals

Paul Borawski on his blog asked to share the goals of 2011.

I begin thinking that whenever we have a reason in our lives, we have a motive to set the how, therefore the question to ask is what is our purpose in life?

This end of the year in my classes in a master's of Strategic Planning had asked my students to define their life plan, using the planning tools. I think for this we must establish the following elements:

Personal mission (the main focus of our lives) in at least four perspectives: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual. This definition allow us to define the framework for action at personal, family, business and society level.

Personal vision, what we want to be, what are the dreams that will devote its efforts.

Values that underlie the actions and based on these values the principles of life.

The analysis of what we have, our strengths and weaknesses and also make an analysis of what we have accomplished in our lives in each of the perspectives.

What opportunities and threats exist and how we prepare to take the best and minimize environmental risks.

We have to remember that the only way to ensure the future is to create through our actions in this, and if we establish a monitoring plan is vital.

Personal and corporate good intentions do not move us one centimeter.

Based on the foregoing, and with a clear philosophy of life, with a good analysis, we move on to define the objectives in the four perspectives: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and action in our areas of personal, family, business and in society.

Our goals should be measurable, challenging, flexible to changes in the environment.

For these objectives based in our analysis, we need to establish action plans with clearly defined deadlines and continuously monitor compliance.

My goals at the enterprise level and within the ASQ are:

Participate in the ASQ World Conference and the meeting of leading members.
Double my linkedin contacts of the ASQ.
Double ASQ members in Ecuador
Read all publications of the influential voices of the ASQ.
Publish at least 24 entries in my blog per year.
Organize at least two events for the ASQ in Ecuador.
Actively participate in the ISO TC176 WG17 in ecommerce, and participate in the TC176 plenary in China.
Participate in at least two international events as an speaker.
Participate in at least one hundred workshops as speaker in Ecuador.

And finally, make friends and enjoy the process.

César Díaz