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martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Why quality is considered strategic?

In the Quality Forum organized in Ecuador in september by the Ministry of Industry and Productivity was a dialogue on that question with a group of people related to Quality.

Based on the notion that strategy is all we do to achieve our objectives, Quality first would be a way for any organization to achieve its objectives.

I will share the main ideas discussed:

- It's a role model for society: family, work, and friends.
- It allows us to gain a competitive advantage through a new mindset and culture.
- It makes us competitive in the first step as companies and as a result of that, like the country.
- Quality becomes a synonym for improvement, growth and performance.
- It helps us to improve the standard of living, give economic political, social stability and societal growth with justice.
- Quality produces a competitive advantage, helping to improve sales and reduce costs.
- Challenge us to find new targets on an ongoing basis.

The challenge ... making the society considers quality as the path that will lead to a better future.


César Díaz