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miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

What would it take for the world to realize the potential of Quality?

At the invitation of Paul Borawski I will first repeat the phrase that begins the ideas:

Quality is intended to provide answers to what organizations need most.

With that in mind, Paul's second question:

What would it take for the world to realize the potential of Quality?

I think to look at the potential of Quality is important to analyze in all fields of action, lessons learned, ie by reviewing the history of companies to see what were the lessons learned and what potentially could be achieved. Remember that you must learn of good and wrong experiences.

Quality starts with training and ends with training, and it makes a path for life, whether in our career, our family or in our organizations.

We need as practitioners of quality, never forgetting the bases, the importance of keep everything simple, and learn to speak with data. The information of the results achieved is crucial, as this builds trust.

Sometimes people who make decisions do not adopt the philosophy, principles and methodology, as the potential for quality has been anchored to believes that involves the generation of documents and bureaucracy in business due to poor understanding of the ISO 9001. Proper implementation of a quality management system must to be based on processes and outcomes, and not in documents. A Quality system can be an excellent starting point for engaging all types of organizations and at all levels and unlock the potential of Quality.

We need data on how Quality has an impact on daily activities and organizations at all levels. We need that leading from the management level will encourage people to ask questions and doubting the working methods. We need people work with indicators of ideas generation and their impact. Human talent performance indicators are needed and measure the impact of the philosophy, values and policies in the daily management.

To achieve Quality potential awakening, we nee to make this word part of the strategies of the organizations and that senior management is willing to take the first step and to engage in this process.