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miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

What would it take to get the attention of the world in relation to Quality?

Thanks to Paul Borawski invitation to participate in the ASQ Quality Influential Voices Program.

I first the the phrase of Paul that is starting the ideas:

Quality is intended to provide answers to what organizations need most.

With that in mind:

What would it take to get the attention of the world in relation to Quality?

First we should start by defining the concept of Quality, knowing that the final answer to this definition will have the customers ... personally I like the concept contained in ISO 9000:2005, which establishes a relationship between the requirements of customers and ability of organizations to fullfill them.

To achieve the world's attention of the importance of Quality, it is important to ensure that from the highest levels of all organizations understand it and seek it, to realize that is a cross-cutting activities in all levels and in all processes and is not limited to a single department, process, area.

We need to get attention in the philosophy and methodology of Quality, making explanations as simple as possible and the language needed at each level.

Quality is made for people, the first step therefore is to further understand the importance of adopting a philosophy and the role of leaders is to achieve that emotional attachment. Once we managed to climb that first step, we should begin to explain and adopt quality methodologies.

Techniques must be simple in a first stage and then according to the maturity of organizations become more complex. The interaction between all levels is essential.

To get attention to Quality, we must first have a personal passion to adopt Quality as a way of life and become missionaries of it, taking advantage of every moment of our personal and business life to lead by example. We need patience in this process, because the results are long term.

I think the quality should be taught in schools, and involve the basic unit of society in this effort: the family.

In Latin America, the road is not easy, and often have a language barrier to get first-hand concepts, but efforts made are always worthwhile.

When we get that the use of Quality concepts is like breathing, we do not think it, but when we stop breathing we will die, we will have achieved our purpose.