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martes, 30 de junio de 2015

Quality in everyday life

In the last blog of the ASQ View from the Q, we can read Sunil Kaushik, a blogger, part of the Influential Voices Programwho tells us his experience of traveling to Egypt with his wife with less than USD 500. It  is worth reading his adventures and lessons learned in his travel using quality tools.

With Sunil trip in our minds the question to ASQ InfluentialVoices is how might we use quality tools in our daily life and with our families.

I personally believe that quality must be a way of life and must be led by example. It is always a challenge to do it at home, because, first we need to engage our couple and our children, other way it will not work.

The idea of ​​applying quality in our daily life has been a concern that has received attention in Quality Progress for many years:

From my personal experience I think we could set examples as:

  • Defining values ​​and principles that are the basis of a family and teaching by example.
  • Use the PDCA cycle for all; small and large family projects, teaching our children to think in 4 phases, either to fix the bedroom, define tasks, go grocery shopping, go for a walk, among other things.
  • Incorporating at home  the terms of effectiveness (achieving the goals) and efficiency (use of resources) and then we could define indicators based on these two elements.
  •  Always have a basic premise, attention in what we do and the intention to improve.
  • Use the Gemba Kaizen basic principles: Seiri, Seiton and Seiso (sort, straighten, shine), I have used them at home and it has worked very well.

You can apply the tools and principles, but always remembering that LOVE has to be in the center of a home.

I remember a  video that I think is very appropriate for this theme. I've used it in many workshops: packing as an expert.

César Díaz