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viernes, 12 de junio de 2015

Quality future and present

In the last ASQ blog View from the Q, Laurel Nelson-Rowe puts under the quality global community and Influential Voices consideration, the latest ASQ report about The Future of Quality and gives us her thoughts about it.

I would like to make my own list based on the Report and the issues that I consider the most relevant for the future

  • We will move from efficiency to adaptability, from pyramidal structures to networks.
  • Intellectual capital will have more value in all economy’s sectors.
  • The data will be available and we will have access to information from many places, keeping a balance between accessibility and information security.
  • The internet of things and intelligent manufacturing will produce new relations in the labor force and will enter to all economy’s sectors.
  • We will search effectiveness along the entire supply chain based on information and that all actors in the chain will cooperate to improve manufacturing processes and products for each particular client.
  • Quality will be a support for the development of smart cities and  achieve excellence in the public sector through effectively resources management and will provide world class services to its citizens.
  • The concepts of quality and the spirit of continuous improvement will be crucial elements to consolidate a new culture of public administration.
  • The health and education sectors will have a development based on quality tools and will be enhanced through the use of information technologies.
  •  Customers and stakeholders will be the central part of the system and the quality will be the paradigm to generate brand loyalty.

As additional topics that are not in ASQ Future of Quality Report, but are and will be the core of any system, we must always consider:

  • Deming Quality Productivity chain as the main tool to competitiveness: Quality leads to productivity that allows lower costs, better prices, market creation, higher incomes for organizations, better working conditions, which in turn initiate the cycle again with higher quality.
  • Improvements are gradual in organizations through the analysis of processes, together with innovation (which are significant jumps) that lead us back to incremental improvements. This requires reducing process variability to generate Quality.
  • Quality jobs are a result of management’s quality and the quality processes.
  •  Productivity, innovation and knowledge are part of a chain that leads us to generate new businesses that take advantage of knowledge development.

 Quality is and will be  a tool of competitiveness.

Three weeks ago in Cancun, during the INLAC Quality Forum, we had the opportunity to review the new standards of Quality, Environment and Safety, that will come up in the coming months and will enable the development of the future we want for Quality.  Organizations such as the ISO, are generating open knowledge from the best management practices worldwide.

Finally I would like once again to quote the phrase that Jennifer Stepniowski placed on her blog and that was my conclusion from all workshops I have had the opportunity to lead:

“The only sure way to predict the future is to create it”

César Díaz