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martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

World Quality Month: Accelerating Quality

November is World Quality Month, and there have been many actions around the world to celebrate and live Quality. These activities we can see on the official website of the ASQ for this purpose:

In his blog "A View from the Q", Paul Boraswki, told us of the need to raise awareness of what quality means, and the only way is to make visible what quality means in each of the corporate levels.

Finally Paul ask to Influential Voices the question: what can we do to accelerate the rate of adoption of quality?

For our part in Ecuador, trough C3DC we have organized the VII Quality Congress, where the participants answer two questions:

What challenges Quality is currently facing?
How can we support to raise the voice of Quality?

I think if we see the answers, it will support to accelerate the rate of adoption of Quality:

Overcoming the fear of Quality, and implement it with Social Responsibility.
Have clear rules based in values.
Humanization of quality
Focus on processes and make them more effective.
Adaptability to current technology.
Serving with excellence internal customers first and then to the external customers.
Search and generate competitive advantages.
Generate  affective relational experience with our brand.
Include innovation for continuous improvement.
Acting for the long term

The challenges of today are being able to recognize Quality, and once this is done to implement it in our daily lives.

Cesar Diaz