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lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

You get the salary you deserve

In December, Quality Progress contains the salary survey, where you can see the levels in the U.S. and Canada primarily, as well as factors affecting the career and its impact on wages. Factors such as level of education, certifications, responsibilities, experience, type of industry, age can affect a greater or lesser extent in salary.

In his blog "A View from the Q", Paul Boraswki, asked us about our present situation and thoughts on the subject.
Personally I think the salary is not only about money. We must consider also respect and recognition we receive through the roles we play. I think many people would prefer a lower wage if through their work have more challenges and learning opportunities ( always that their basic needs are covered, according to Maslow's triangle).

One question I constantly do to those attending my seminars, or to students is: "Where will you be in five years if you continue in the same direction  you are today in your personal and professional life?" If the answer is "in the same place”  "we have lost and fallen” .... and the same can happen at the level of remuneration.

I think everyone should mind all the time the following question .. If  I had to go back to the company to be hire  again ... I would be the chosen candidate and with more, the same or lower pay?

If the answer is that it would not be the candidate or the pay is the same or lower ... I must immediately make an analysis of the environment and my skills and have a plan of action that leads me to improve my results.

We have to think about each of us as “INC”, companies generators of services, and see if trough our work  we are adding value to the organization business processes to hire us. If we add up enough value,  give solutions to problems and help achieve the goals, we are on the right track.

In my case as a consultant I always think that I am going to be hire and fire each time that I start and finish a job, and only if my clients are enough happy, they will  hire me again at the price we have defined jointly.

Napoleon Hill in one of his books had the following poem with which I would like to finish:

Pact with Life for a penny,

And life is not paid more.

However, at night begged

When I told my meager collection.

For Life is but pattern

That gives what is asked,

But once fixed salary,

Oh, we must get on with the job.

I worked for the salary of a footman

Only to learn, distressed,

Any wages I had asked to Life

She had given to me.

So now that the year begins, we should ask how I can get the knowledge, experience to produce the results needed.

Cesar Diaz