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domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Feelings and Quality Culture

In his blog "A view from the Q", Paul Borawski, ASQ CEO gives us a series of questions regarding the importance of "creating" a Quality Culture within the organizations, which  I would respond based on my own experience working in Ecuador.

Before it is important to define the concept of "Quality Culture", which to me are the set of beliefs shared by a group of people that drive to live by making quality as a key element in the companies and their personal actions.

I will answer questions from Paul:

What you should look for in hiring people in an organization?

·      People with an inner passion within to do things with excellence, and has  proven that even in small things, people with a talent for which he has worked and an inner effort to make always something better.
·      With positive attitude towards life and willing to learn at all times and teach others.
·      With resilience, having the ability to stand up against obstacles, and  have learned from those things they do not go well.
·      People that know to start small, building block to block solid organizations and always respect the successes of their peers.
·      With focus on results, but always with the conviction that these are a result of the people who produce them.
·      People that know how to work in teams and in turn serve others with humility and respect.

How to know if an applicant will contribute to, thwart, or work at Quality Culture  goals?

·      Looking for evidence on their previous experiences to strengthen the elements outlined in the previous question.
·      Seeing that the job offer represents a challenge and helps applicant to stay motivated.

I think more important is to ask whether the position to which that person is going, will allow him to grow in knowledge,  as a human being and thus contribute positively to the organization.

What attitudes support to be successful in developing a Quality Culture?

The answer to this question is through the example that  leaders should  always give, fostering a culture of service and teamwork, knowing that the only way to do Quality it is through quality people with quality inside.

Are the personal attributes universal, or do they in your experience differ around the world?

Personal attributes are universal, and can differ in the manner of expression. Basically all humans need recognition for a job well done,  and everyone in our inner essence are looking for self improvement.

When you are immersed in a Culture of Quality, how do you feel?

I think it's something special, you can see in all the human beings involved in the experience. There is a feeling of mutual welfare and the desire to improve is evident. The spirit of service is demonstrable and customers in turn try to support the company to improve,  generating brand loyalty.

A good measure of Quality Culture is how many genuine smiles we see on the faces of everyone in the chain and on the faces of the client. So the question Gilberto Concepción asked in the last ASQ World Conference is very important. Are you having fun at work? If the answer is yes we are in the right direction.

As final thoughts, have a Quality Culture is a state towards which we must work every day, and there's always something to do, a state in which people pay attention to what he does and has the intention to improve all day, knowing that in this way contribute to the organiztion, but also to their  personal and professional growth and development. In this environment the feeling of love of work, spirit of service and loyalty are a consequence of daily actions.

How easy is to achieve the above? Not easy, is a way of life, but it's worth.

Cesar Diaz