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domingo, 29 de abril de 2012


This month, Paul Borawski on his blog, asks Influential Voices Bloggers to reflect on the happiness and satisfaction of people working as Quality Professionals and leaves us two questions:  Are you happy on the job?  What would help you raise the voice of quality with passion?

I have read with great interest and enthusiasm the rest of Influential Voices of Quality and the first conclusion I can draw is that we all have passion for what we do.

I agree that happiness and satisfaction with work is a state of mind and inner part of our decision.

Working in the field of Quality must begin with a passion that makes a difference between wanting to do something, and having to do something. When I do things on my inner desire to do so, that brings me satisfaction and well being. When I am forced by circumstances to do something that brings me to dissatisfaction and mediocrity.

To be satisfied we must be convinced that our work contributes, and we are part of something bigger.

Through my work as Quality Professional I have had the opportunity to help improve business, to ensure that managers realize that the first thing to consider is that people is what produces results, and that they must be satisfied with what they do.

The biggest challenge has always been to align people and that they want to learn, not have to learn how to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

For having satisfaction and happiness is important to know what I have to do, when I do and do it well done.

I remember some years ago, in  one of my seminars spoke of the 3R's salary: respect, recognition, remuneration. Through my work as Quality Professional I have achieved respect for the people and their recognition and have had enough to fulfill  both my family and with my collaborators.

As for the aspects of the study of Forbes: "The Happiest Jobs in America", .  Employees were asked to rate 10 factors that affect workplace happiness, including one’s relationship with the boss and co-workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and control over the work one does on a daily basis. These external factors are important and very similar for example to what is evaluated in the "Great Place toWork". But the real job satisfaction comes from doing what one likes and the environment helps, but is secondary.

For me to be happy I have always wanted someone from whom to learn, I have sought to serve and generate results, and I also needed a strong dose of enthusiasm to overcome the natural frustrations when things do not go according to plan.

Aristotle stated "We are what we repeatedly do", so to achieve job satisfaction, we start with that state of mind and always walk the path of continuous improvement.

Finally What would help me raise the voice of quality with passion?

  • Love what I do and learn constantly on Quality
  • Make the most important thing always first
  • Always give positive feedback to others
  • Learn from my mistakes
  • Always think about what I do make sense and is for the good of others.

César Díaz