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lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Raise the Voice of Quality with many actions

In his February publication Paul Borawski told us that it is time to reflect, but primarily to act, the real test is to put our plans in execution.

Paul showed us it is essential for the ASQ Community to understand and accept the challenge to "Raise the Voice of Quality". Now, the actual task, as in all the goals we want in life is the ACTION.

Another point of management that Paul made us see is that it must be executed in a systemic manner by all stakeholders and all levels of the organization to achieve results and actions should start from the top management.

In the ASQ objective of "Raise the Voice of Quality", and transform ASQ into the GLOBAL VOICE OF QUALITY , Paul is giving us the example and leading actions that run for that purpose, but we need to all participants and all levels of the Quality Community move in that direction.

Life can only be understood looking back, but can only be lived looking forward.

For our Community implies that we must learn from the lessons of the past, but perform many actions that we project into the future to look at the ASQ as a world reference for Quality and within presence throughout the world and especially in Latin America.

The basic rule for success in any plan we undertake is ACTION, has never existed a plan by highly accurate details to have been, that alone it succeeded in achieving the goals.

Only the action is the force that ignites the plan and makes the plan a living force that shapes the future. The action is the food that transforms our vision in reality.

Only the coordinated action of all the ASQ Community members will "Raise the Voice of Quality", and we need that our personal and professional goals are in perfect harmony with this effort.

The delay that slows down our actions is the fruit of doubt, we must act without hesitation, and we must not circumvent the tasks or postpone them for tomorrow, because in that way tomorrow never comes. We must establish marks on the way to know if we are going in the right direction and/or if we have moved the sails to reach our goals.

Only action determines the value of our plans, and to multiply its value we must multiply our actions.

For that reason we must act in our circle of influence, gaining the compromise of more people to disseminate the philosophy and methodology of Quality, we must bring a message from the top management to all levels and especially achieve the vow of more actors in this process.

The questions remaining in mind are:

Do my personal goals have as one of its fundamental axis “Raise the Voice of Quality?

Am I taking action daily and planned for this purpose and involving more actors and in all contexts of different organizations and professions?

Am I extending my circle of influence to multiply my actions?

A final consideration… we know that complex problems cannot be solved with simple tools, but if we divided this big problem “in small simple parts", many of this small parts can be resolved with simple tools, and so we are moving towards our goals.

Cesar Diaz