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miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

2011 Results and 2012 Plans

In January 2011 Paul Borawski on his blog was asking to share 2011 objectives. In early 2012 I would like to reflect on what has been done, and put new 2012 goals.

My main goals in Quality field and within the ASQ were:

Participate in the ASQ World Conference and in the member leaders meeting.

I had the opportunity to participate in the ASQ World Conference in Pittsburgh in May and share with many friends and fans of quality. I was also in the INLAC Quality Forum in Cancun, Mexico.

Double my ASQ linkedin contacts.

Currently I have 607 contacts, of which over 60% are ASQ members. I think I can still improve and there is plenty of room to get in touch with members and build a virtual community. It also means to participate via Facebook and Twitter.

Read all ASQ Influential Voices publications

I have enjoyed during the year reading interventions for each of the members of this group. Thanks for letting me learn from you all!

Organize at least two ASQ events in Ecuador.

There were two events, one in October and the Quality Congress in November. Quality Congress does not have the impact and presence that we want, but it has been a sustained effort and in 2011 was its sixth edition.

Actively participate in the ISO TC176 WG17 in ecommerce, and in the TC176 plenary held in China.

I have participated in meetings of the Committee, I was "virtually" at a meeting in Toronto (Canada) and then at the meeting in China. I would love to go to China, but I had not enough budget.

Participate in at least two international events as speaker

I had the opportunity to participate as speaker in Mexico (Monterrey and Celaya), Guatemala and Chile.

Make friends and enjoy the process

I think I've made many friends in the world of quality, and I really enjoy this process.

By 2012 my career goals with the ASQ and the Quality area are:

- Being more active and participate in ASQ Congress in Anaheim.
- Ensure active participation in Linkedin ASQ discussions.
- Maintain my active participation in the Influential Voices of Quality and learn from 40 under 40 group.
- Participate in the ISO 176 Technical Committee, both in e-commerce group discussions and in the 9000 family standards.
- Conduct an annual meeting of the companies that have participated as Case Studies in the Quality Congress in Ecuador.
- Organize the VII Congress of Quality.
- Increase by at least 25% , ASQ Ecuadorian members and organize with them at least four meetings during the year.
- Participate in at least two international events as speaker

And always enjoy a lot in the process ..


Cesar Diaz