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miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

Quality Month, Actions and reflections

Sitting in a hotel in Panama City, after seeing the building "The Screw" I started writing the response to the blog of Paul Borawski. Time passes so quickly, it seems like yesterday that the ASQ Influential Voices started and I will forward ... The topic of discussion is the Quality Month and the actions we are doing to promote Global Quality, and the new generations drive to spread the message. In relation to the actions that I have the opportunity to do in order to promote the Quality Month, I think life has opened for me many doors. We are organizing with a prestigious university in Ecuador (Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar), the VI Conference on Quality. This task is not easy, but we think it is a small contribution to spread the message. This time we will have the ASQ Mexico Manager, along with other world-class speakers. Additionally, I have been in various media interviews and hope the message spreads. I think we should do many things and not necessarily because they do not have the desired impact stop. Quality is a race of endurance, not speed. Another action that has filled me with satisfaction is to be part of the effort being made by the OAS in conjunction with ISO Technical Committee TC176 to develop a standard for electoral management. When I look at my life, I see that I've taken a lot of tasks (and enjoy) and I am increasingly convinced that voluntary work in all fields is the way to improvement. During this year in ASQ Influential Voices of Quality I have learned from the experiences of each member, I feel sorry for those who leave us and in turn I welcome the new ones that open new possibilities for growth and learning. Quality is a passion, and I think the future will bring new opportunities. I need always to open my mind, keep enthusiasm and commitment to it. Regarding the group of 40 under 40, is a great opportunity to feed on with their energy and enjoy the process. I share Paul Borawski criteria that Quality is global and is reaching all sectors of the economy, that is spreading, and we need to have a shared vision of the future. The social media, new communication schemes open up infinite possibilities, and the more interconnected we are the message transcends borders. A person who promotes Quality, each day must walk to be a better human being and live his/her life in accordance with the best principles and values, he/she must teach and learn from others. In my case I'm going to reinvent my fifty years and join the group of 40. Cesar Diaz