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miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Quality a way

In the blog, A View from the Q, Laurel Nelson-Rowe, ASQ Managing Director, interviewed to Terry Woychowski, New Vice President of Global Quality at General Motors, about the philosophy of the company and its relationship with Quality.

I analyze the interview considering the applicability of the Principles and Concepts for a company in Latin America.

Terry spoke about three elements that should always being consider and he calls 3P: Promise, Personal, Performance, and further added Pointing. I would add one more, the fifth P Passion:

Promise, is the fact that Quality is a transaction in which both parties must comply offered, and this requires trust between the parties. Remember that confidence is the highest form of human motivation, and transactions are between individuals.

Personal, is the fact that Quality should be taken as intrinsic to human beings and being part of the lifestyle of those who make the DNA of the company. Quality of products and services should therefore be a reflection of the individual Quality of each of the members of the company, starting from top management. It is therefore important to have a clear philosophy that is shared by everyone where Quality is its central axis.

Performance, is the focus on results, without which organizations are doomed to failure. This now becomes fundamental to establish measures for people, economic performance and the overall impact of the company in all stakeholders including the planet (People, Profit and Planet). It is also important to have clear methodologies that allow reducing process variability.

Pointing, focus of all in the same direction, clarity of purpose and a shared vision that makes all contribute with their individual efforts to corporate results.

Passion, is the passion that each person should give what he does, I think this ingredient is a binder of all the above. Everything is done with enthusiasm in life goes RIGHT.

Quality must be in each process at each stage, each time monitoring the results.

Now all this makes sense, but is not easy ... .., the action is what makes the difference, to implement all these ideas is what allows the survival and ensure that each day each of the members of the company is motivated to generate excellent results.

When these elements are put to the test?

Amid the crisis, at this moment we know if we've actually done a good job, crises are opportunities and only prepared minds take advantage of these.

In LA and Ecuador the companies that have prospered are those living on the premises above, which apply either to a small or large corporation and should be aware that "there is nothing new," but it is worth applying. These are companies applying Quality Tools, Principles, Corporate Management Systems, Models of Excellence ...

Quality is a journey, all are invited, but some choose not to take that trip, the decision is personal. The role of leaders is to get as many people see this clearly and wish to be part of that dream, whether as employees, suppliers or customers.

In those days we had the bad news that Steve Jobs from Apple pass away, is a BIG LOST. Now is the time in which to demonstrate his greatness, when all members of the Apple company show that live by his principles and methods. Steve Jobs will be living in the heart of every one of those who seek Quality in Apple products and living under his philosophy.

César Díaz