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lunes, 1 de julio de 2013

Big questions about Quality

In his blog "A View from the Q", Paul Boraswki, invite us to put our strategic hat and under the context of a new research, and a glimpse of the future-told answer two big questions:

·      What is the most important challenge the quality community faces in ensuring that the value of quality is fully realized for the benefit of society? (I could write a book on that question.)

·      And, what question does the quality community most need answered in order to advance the state of quality practice in the world?

I am going to answer each:

What is the most important challenge facing the community of quality to ensure that the quality value is fully realized for the benefit of society?

In relation to the first question, I think the biggest challenge facing the quality community is the fact on how to involve and engage top and senior management in the process.

This commitment must be demonstrated through real monitoring and control of the quality efforts and that those responsible for processes are engaged in the efforts to manage continuous improvement with their own people.

Speak the language of quality, involves moving to a management culture based on data, so we need to raise awareness and inducing managers in this topic, where previous lessons learned enable to reinforce the positive and correct what is not working.

Another key point is how to commit the management in creating a center of excellence that is a group that receives more training in quality, process and systems, as well as change management and becomes the driving force of the quality efforts, knowing that the ultimate responsibility is in the hands of top management.
The quality community must speak the language of management to demonstrate impact in terms of outcomes that have different approaches to quality in the organizations. If adequate awareness and commitment are not reached at the highest level of the company is very difficult to guarantee the achievement of long-term results.

I think it's very important to review all corporate philosophy to include the concepts of quality. This means that the mission, vision, values ​​and policies of the company should refer to the need for making decisions based on the best information available within the company and environment, the use of quality tools, to the need of constant training to company personnel, the commitment necessary to attract and develop talent, the use of KPI.

What question quality community needs to answer in order to advance the state of the practice of quality in the world?

The current challenge is to incorporate BusinessProcess Management Suites (BPMS) and software and information technologies in quality processes. Business Intelligence and Big Data Analysis have to be linked to Quality.
 The moment that an organization develops through technology tools the ability to extract useful information from data, to make right and on time decisions, this will make organizations to improve the satisfaction of their end customers, an increase of results and credibility to management levels.

An organization that takes advantage of the use of information and anticipates the future will have an advantage over those organizations that react late in the markets.

Therefore quality consultants and managers should be familiar with software for strategic planning, process management, business intelligence and work together with the leaders of technology inside the organizations.

The challenge now is how to extract the data that already exists in various enterprise systems, clean and fix the data, analyze, present in a clear and understandable shape, enabling decision making and predict scenarios in business. All this without forgetting any system is run by human beings who are what ultimately make the decisions.

César Díaz