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jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

Quality in a surprising place

In his blog "A View from the Q", Paul Boraswki, invites us to think about Quality in our everyday live. Paul asked the Influential Voices:

Have you spotted a non-work situation that could use a quality tool? Or how about a quality solution in a surprising place?

I have enjoyed reading for others Influential Voices and l have learned a lot from them.

The quality (good or bad) is a transverse axis in every moment of our lives, at home, in the transportation towards work, in the office, on the ground, in every place....

As a result of that question I have reviewed and delighted with the Quality Progress Magazine,October 1997, where we had articles like:

  • Improving the Quality of Family Life
  • Use PDSA for crying out loud
  • Goals + Alignment + Love = Success
  • Creating a Family Mission Statement
 After reading them I have seen that the Quality and its fundamentals does not expire.

Under the definition given in a previous blog Quality is a process in which people happy, produces products (services) that make others human beings happy, makes me think of biscuits made ​​in a small population of my country called Cayambe.

They do not use brainstorming, or control charts, their records are incipient, products variability is high, and there are wastes.

Now let's see why I think they have quality:

  • They work as a family, and the secrets passed from parents to children, which cultivates values ​​and beliefs.
  • They care about their customers and give them to try the products that come directly from the oven.
  • Customers seek them, it becomes obligatory stop in the small town, and every tourist goes through the small shop buying biscuits.
  • They have loyalty, so customers often wait patiently to be served.
This leads me to confirm that quality is synonymous of achieving growth through the satisfaction of internal and external customers.

César Díaz