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miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Each person is different


All humans’ beings are different, and our needs and expectations are different.

 Tastes of the colors are different, the clothes that we like are different, the food we like is different..

Our thoughts and way of seeing the world depend on the environment in which we have grown, our home, our beliefs and traditions.

For that reason our definition of quality depends on our cultural environment.

Now if we do a tour in our lives, what we appreciate as good at age 15, is different from what we feel at 40, to 50 to 60.

Men appreciate different things than women.

In Ecuador, the people of a city or region appreciate things differently. We have different food, different clothes, still we speak differently.

How do we generate common paradigms that allow us to speak  and feel quality in the same way?

Through sharing experiences, experiences, culture, beliefs.

If inside an organization, we would like that everybody appreciate the quality in the same way, first we need to develop a common corporate culture that leads to improvement.

If I want my customers to feel and appreciate the quality of my products I need first to educate them.

How can I make that human beings embrace quality? Using different ways for different people

Cesar Diaz